Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Adding Double Digits and Reading Buddies

Wacky Wednesday

    We had a very wacky schedule today! We started out with the annual Staff v. Patrol kickball game this morning (YAY staff for winning!). Then I lucked out and had Library after the game. During my break I was able to get all of my DRA data entered, which was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. After Library my kiddos went right to lunch and then recess, so I got even more stuff done! And then to top it all off, this afternoon my kids had an extended special time… so yep, I got even MORE done!
    Sorry for the schedule tangent, but I got so much done! However, the time I did spend with my kids this afternoon was very meaningful! Here’s what we did: in math we finished our addition and subtraction test, and then we started in with adding double digit numbers. We’ve done some work with this recently (getting ready for second grade), but today we were a bit more serious. The focus of today’s lesson was adding numbers with tens, so 70 + 20 = 90, and 40 + 20 = 60 for example. I got the base 10 blocks and our place value mats out for some hands on addition. I started out by asking my kids to show me a number say 30, and then modeled how I wanted them to place their 10s on the mats. Then I’d ask them to show a second number under the first say 20. Then we practiced writing the addition sentence, 30 + 20 =, and then we pushed all of our 10s together to solve (50). We did a few more like this, and then I gave them an addition sentence and had them show me it on their mats. Finally, I finished up by having them show their own addition sentences, check out the pictures:

10 + 90 = 100

90 + 20 = 110

20 + 20 = 40

    I love math lessons/objectives that lend themselves to hands on activities! 
    Yesterday I forgot to write about the Writing Buddies activity my kids did with their 4th grade buddies. We have been Reading Buddies with 4th grade for the second half of the school year, and it has been a big hit! This time around we did a writing activity; the pairs met up and worked on creating a story. They used a story map to identify characters, setting, a problem, and a resolution. They were also given a graphic organizer to write down events from the beginning, middle, and end of their stories. Now, the 4th grade students will take the work they did with my kids and turn it into a story, and then, my kids will illustrate the stories. When the stories are complete, we'll come back together to share them. I love watching my kids work with their buddies, they are so calm and eager to offer what they know to help; it's so sweet to watch! 

    I'll end today's post with a question: Do your kids participate in a reading buddies activity? Or have reading buddies?

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