Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Multi-Step Addition Problem FREEBIE

Tired Tuesday & a Math FREEBIE

    OhMyGoodness… today was such a slow and t-i-r-i-n-g day! Yesterday my kids worked with multi-step story problems in math. When I was planning the lesson, I looked through my files and wasn’t happy with the few activities that I had, which was very little. So, I decided to make my own multi-step story problem worksheet. I usually like to make at least two different worksheets (for differentiation purposes) when I make my own math papers; however, I was pressed for time the other day and only made one. I was okay with this though, since I ended up giving the worksheet as homework. Sadly, I was reminded today that many of my kids don’t get help when they are doing their homework. Out of the 22 kids that were present yesterday, only 9 students did the first four problems correctly, and only 4 of those students did the entire page correctly. I’ll be honest; the page is a bit advanced as far as the reading element goes. However, the problems are set up almost exactly as the problems that they saw on their in-class assignment. This leads back to the fact, that many of my students do not get the support they need at home when they are doing their homework, which is just plain sad!
Here are pictures of the four students’ papers that completed the page correctly:

Here is the multi-step story problem activity:

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