Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Homographs, Career Day, and Adding Double Digits

Strange Happenings

  So I don't know exactly what happened, but apparently I deleted two of my previous posts last nights on accident when I was on my tablet. I guess I wouldn't be so upset, except that one of the posts was the one from yesterday! Which, if you stopped by you saw A LOT of great pictures and got some GREAT ideas. I guess I've learned my lesson and will be saving a copy of each post to help prevent this from happening again. So, I will try to recap as much from yesterday's post as possible, at least the strong points/ideas. 

  Here it goes: Yesterday we made homograph foldables. I prefolded the yellow paper and then modeled how/where to cut the flaps. Then after we made a list of homographs and discussed examples of each, the kids got right to work. I let them pick which two multiple meaning words (homographs) they wanted to draw and write about. Take a look at some student work:

Sample 1

Wave sentences: I see a big wave. I can wave
Trunk sentences: Look an elephant's trunk. My car has a trunk.

Sample 2

Wave sentences: A man is on the wave. This is a heat wave.
Star sentences: The star is up in the sky. A star is singing.

Sample 3

Bat sentences: Bats are animals. A bat is something to play [with].
Dress sentences: This is a dress. I am dressed.

  We also dabbled in some double digit addition with regrouping. This was very exciting for my kids... I told them we were going to do 'big kid math'. This lesson was 100% hands on, we used our place value mat, tens sticks, and ones cubes. Here are some pictures:
 46 + 38

Here we're showing that we made a 10 with our ones (6 + 8 = 14)

Here we've added our new 10 and exchanged the ten ones for the 10s stick.

And, here is our answer: 84

    To wrap up our day we started working on a career day activity. Each student got a person outline, and then had to 'decorate' it to match the career they would like to have (drawing the uniform or clothing that they would wear). Here are a few pictures of some 'works in progress': 

A vet,

a policeman,

and another vet!

As for today, we had a good day... filled with some very fun and educational lessons. But, I'll save those pictures and details for tomorrow, since I had to re-post yesterday's post today! 

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