Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you Note FREEBIE

Random Thoughts & Thank You Note Freebie

        Today’s post is going to be short & sweet!

        Today we did our “Pair of Pears” homophone activity… I’m hoping to hang their work in the hallway tomorrow, so look for pictures.

Tomorrow we’ll be starting our how-to make a PB&J… I’m looking forward to the end product (making PB&J sandwiches on Friday). I’m using a great how-to writing unit that I purchased from TPT ( It’s a great website- with products (worksheets and units) made by teachers. There are many products that can be downloaded for free or purchased. The how-to unit I bought was made by Christina DeCarbo… it’s AWESOME; I highly recommend purchasing it.

I took some pictures of the charts I made with my kids during our how-to stuff yesterday. Here they are:

Here is the teacher appreciation thank you note I whipped up this afternoon:

Finally, I want to hear some thoughts from those of you who have had an intern (student teacher), don’t sugar coat it. I want to hear it ALL- good and bad! Please post comments below…. and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. 
                                HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!


  1. well thank goodness my student intern was hardworking and actually was interested in doing a good job! its important to be clear with them and talk alot! they might be quiet or not as organized but you have to get them there. from the first day, sit down and get to know each other and go over the events on the calendar. I felt it was important to also explain how you run things in the class, all details. At first they start observing you, so make sure they look for certain things and then talk about it. also you can have a journal where you jot down thoughts everyday and intern responds and writes their thoughts. My intern and I tried that and it helped. Be positive and then give constructive critisism! i had a good experience!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience and successes!

  3. Love the blog Elaine! You're amazing :-)