Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Writing & a Homograph FREEBIE

How-to Get Ready for School & a FREEBIE

    Today was a great Friday in First Grade! We continued working with how-to writing and homographs, did a little double digit addition, and had a wonderful visit with a kindergarten class.

    Today’s how-to was how-to get ready for school (we’re still working from the awesome Christina DeCarbo how-to unit I bought on TPT). Prior to sending them off to start writing, we brainstormed a list of things we do in the morning to get ready. We talked about how some of us do certain things to get ready, while others don’t, i.e.: us ladies doing our hair! Then we talked about putting more than one item or idea in each step depending on how many things we do to get ready. After that the kids were off to start their writing. Overall, they did a great job. Take a look:

   Next week they’ll be planning and then writing an independent how-to piece of their choice (I told you that’d be what we would do!). After they finished the how-to assignment they completed another homograph activity, the one with star, bat, and trip (a FREEBIE in a previous post). On Monday I’ll be teaching the kids about homographs with different pronunciations: wind, tear, and dove for example. Be sure to download another homograph FREEBIE at the end of this post! Here are some pictures of today’s homograph activity:

   This afternoon we had a special visit from one of our kindergarten classes for a transition visit. I love seeing all of the little K friends coming into the classroom! It's a good reminder of how far my firsties have come and where my new firsties will be in the fall. The K teacher and I have a little Q & A session between our classes, which is always cute! At the end of today's visit, one of the K students said, "I'm going to like first grade," as he was walking out the door. I thought that was so sweet! 
   Hope you had a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!! Don't forget to get your FREEBIE (below) and follow my blog.

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  1. I just found this post and it's so cool to see my packet in pictures! You are too sweet. :). Thanks for sharing this! Your kiddos did an awesome job!

    Miss DeCarbo