Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Homograph FREEBIES {3}

Homograph Freebie[s] 

    Happy Wednesday! Today I introduced my kids to homographs. It went much better than I expected! Here’s how it went down: I had the base of an anchor chart created before the kids came in this morning (title and then a brief description of homographs) and then told them that some of them had thought of homographs when we were working with homophones. Then I gave them two examples, ring and bat, and recorded them with illustrations and in sentences. Then kids started sharing their homograph ideas: salsa, trunk, show, dress, and a few more. 

Here's our finished anchor chart:

Then I showed the kids their assignment:
We talked about the two meanings of each word, and what our pictures might show to express each meaning. 

    The kids had to draw pictures showing each way the homographs: ring, fly, and wave, could be used. They also had to write a sentence to match their pictures. I know the boxes seem small, but my kids had plenty of space to draw and write.

Here are a few pictures of student work:

Here’s the link to download this activity:

Here is another homograph freebie that is similar to the one we did today: 

Hope you’ve had a great day! Come back later this week for some more freebies!


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  2. Thank you for this great activity!