Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ends in Y

Ends in Y 

        Today was not a good day, at least not for me. I had a migraine… ALL DAY! Luckily, it was only what I like to call a ‘functioning migraine’. Basically, this is code for I can survive and function somewhat normally. 
    This morning we worked with making words that end in y plural. The rules for this concept go as follows: when Y follows a vowel you simply add –s, when Y follows a consonant you drop the Y and add –ies. I introduced this concept with an anchor chart, see below:

I had the kids repeat the rules quite a few times, so it would be drilled in! Then we went over the assignment, more rule repetition, and then they were off. They actually did a really nice job:

I love how this student circled the vowels and the Y to help them identify which rule to follow.

This student did the same thing, circling the vowel or the Y to help identify which rule to follow!

    After school today I celebrated the outstanding performance of two colleagues, and the career of another. My teaching partner is retiring. It is bittersweet for me because Nancy has been such a big part of my very short teaching career. She is such a wonderful teacher, colleague, and inspiration. Nancy is such an awe-inspiring teacher, she has such a great calmness to her and it resonates through her classroom. She is always so positive, and knows exactly what to say when I am having a difficult day with my students. I will truly miss having Nancy at school. 

         On a final note I wanted to let all of you teachers out there know about a great deal that Barnes & Noble is offering. I received an email from B&N that student’s can read ANY 8 books, record them on a reading log (that can be downloaded from their website) and have a parent sign it, then they can bring it in to any B&N store and choose a free book from a list of pre-selected books. I think that's a pretty good deal, and I know my kids could each use another book! Here's the link to the PDF file with the details on the Free Book Program from B&N:

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  1. you should send that free book thing out to the staff listserv so teachers can send it home with their kids. maybe it could make it in the newsletter that goes home or someone could print some out and distribute to parents at the awards ceremonies.