Thursday, May 9, 2013

Plants, a SALE, and a SURPRISE

Plants, a S-A-L-E, and a SURPRISE!!

        We have been learning about plants last week or so in science. Last week we focused heavily on plant vocabulary and how plants grow. Then we planted zinnia seeds last Friday in hopes of giving zinnia sprouts for Mother’s Day.

        This week we’ve been observing our sprouts’ growth. The kids have really gotten a kick out of how quickly their plants are growing. They love coming into the room each morning and checking for changes in the cups.

        Today we celebrated our time with Rachel {Ms. Schwartz, our intern}. We have been busy all week getting ready for today’s SURPRISE party! I feel like we were working on something each time she left the room to observe other teachers. I bought a white mug at Target and had each of the kids sign it for her:

        We also wrote a book for her titled Ms. Schwartz is the BEST! We made a web of various things she did throughout the year and how we feel about her. The kids each wrote a rough draft, highlighting their favorite moments with her. Then each student wrote and illustrated their book page. I made a cute cover and had each student sign their name on it after it was laminated. It turned out SO CUTE!! The kids were so proud of their work and secrecy! 

        The party was so much fun- we had cupcakes and juice donated by two families, along with streamers, balloons, and flowers from another! Rachel and I had a meeting this afternoon, so the kids were able to make banners for her while she was out of the room. After the meeting, I picked the kids up from Music and we snuck into the room and had them hid in the reading corner with balloons. I brought Rachel back into the classroom and the kids yelled, “SURPRISE” and threw balloons in the air. It was pretty cute and she was definitely surprised. Here are some pictures of her opening her gifts:



I had the kids send in school/classroom supplies for her classroom.

We are sad to see her go, but wish her the BEST!!

      I also want to announce that I am throwing a SALE at my TpT store!