Monday, May 21, 2012

Syllable Sort FREEBIES

Almost in 2nd grade & a FREEBIE

    I was only with my kids for the morning today. I had an eoy (end of year… remember) pacing meeting and put my kids and my teaching partner’s kids into their second grade classes! I think we came up with two great classes! Again, I continue to get excited for my new firsties, and canNOT believe that I am counting down the last few weeks with my current firsties. 

    I'm still in a rut trying to decide what I'm going to do with my kiddos these last days. What special eoy activities do you have planned? Leave your thoughts in a comment below please... I'm desperate!  I did find a cute glyph activity to do with my kids next week. My teaching partner is retiring, so she gave me a book of glyph activities. Needless to say, I'll be posting pictures of those next week! 
    I don't have anything else to say today, but I will leave you with a little syllable sort activity that would be a great EoY review!

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  1. college/career stuff! get them ready for career day. i have some activities you can do. or, you can have them think about "summer safety"... that's how i ended last year. big kids did skits about safe choices to make over the summer (i.e. wearing your helmet, going swimming with an adult, etc.). you could have the little ones make posters or write stories. maybe you could do some before and after stuff like on nancy's board. show them some of the work they did in the beginning of the year and they can see how far they've come (or, have them read a book they read in the beginning so they can see how many more words they know).