Friday, May 11, 2012

PB&J How-To-Writing and Mother's Day

PB&J How-To and Mother’s Day

    Today was a very busy and exciting day in first grade! Boy oh boy, my kids were surprised to hear my name on the morning announcements for my birthday. It’s was pretty funny too, because I had them make birthday cards for our music teacher for their morning work (today’s her birthday too). So, then once they knew it was my birthday too, they made cards for me… it was so sweet!
    Anyway… onto today’s main attraction How-To Make a PB&J!!! Let me just start by saying: IT WAS AWESOME!! First we quickly reviewed the steps we had written out yesterday, and then condensed them from 6 into only 4. We did this because the writing paper I had them use only allowed for 4 steps. So we talked about different ways some of the steps could be combined or written together. Then, I briefly modeled getting started using my picture cards and planning page (all from the great how-to unit by Christina DeCarbo that I mentioned in a previous post). Finally, I returned their planning pages and passed out the fancy how-to writing paper. I told them that in order to make a sandwich they had to finish the writing. I did this for two reasons: 1. I wanted them to actually use their how-to writing to make their sandwich, 2. I didn't want a bunch of kids making sandwiches when they hadn't done the ‘real work’. Luckily, I only had three kids that hadn't made their sandwich by the time we were headed to lunch; two of them had finished their writing, so they came back to class for about 5 minutes during recess to make their sandwiches; my other little friend didn't finish his writing, so no sandwich for him. That may sound cruel, but I’m a firm believer in following through on what I say! Check out the few pictures that I managed to snag before things got busy:

   The funniest part was when some of the kids had forgotten to include if they would use a spoon, knife, or both to scoop and spread their PB&J. I would ask, "So what utensil did you say you would use?" And they'd look at me with a blank stare, so I'd reply with, "You'd better get your pencil." But, overall they did a GREAT job! 

    Last tidbit for today: pictures of our 'finished' zinnias:

  I copied the front and back of the seed packet side by side and then folded it like a card so the kids could write Happy Mother's Day on the front and then Love, and their names on the back. I added ribbon and then hot glued the ribbon around the cup, tying it off with a bow! 

   That's all for today!! 

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