Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Great Summer Finds

Busy as a Bee

        I have been extremely busy the past several days; between making new center activities and bucket seats, labeling my garage sale books, painting magazine holders, and figuring out a way to paint over the Home Depot label on the canvas aprons… I somehow had time to help my sister move. Although I should clarify that she stayed in her same apartment, but moved into a larger room within it. Since I am trying to tackle so many projects before I head back to Maryland, I extended my trip by a few days, in hopes to finish at least the bucket seats!

        Helping my sister move into her new room turned out to be quite an adventure. We walked by one of the dumpsters outside her building and I found an aquarium, upon closer inspection I found a hermit crab… ALIVE!! Someone (heartless if you ask me) threw away not only a great aquarium, but a poor, helpless hermit crab! Needless to say we rescued him, and my sister has a friend that is going to “adopt” him. I briefly considered taking him for a class pet, but I am still unsure about making such a big commitment. Here he is:

        Moving on to school matters, I have put the plastic Easter eggs that I bought on Friday to good use:

I made a small set with word families and another small set with compound words. I hope to add to both sets once my brain is 100% in back-to-school mode, probably later next week. 

I also bought clear and white plastic spoons to make alphabet matching center activities:

I color coded the sets so even my firsties will know which bag the spoons belong in.

Here are a few pictures of the books I scored at the garage sales I went to on Friday:

Some "almost new" Junie B. books

Here are two videos I picked up as well:

            I also have to say that I have the BEST sister in the world! This is why:

                      She lent me all of her Magic Tree House books!

            She also went dumpster diving for box tops! She found two!

That's it for today- hopefully I'll have pictures of the bucket seats and everything else I'm making posted by Monday!

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  1. I can't wait to see the seats. Wow you have been busy. I LOVE the spoons. Robyn