Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lesson Plan Template: Take 2

New Lesson Plan Template
        Back in May I posted about the lesson plan template that I created. Over the last few weeks I have noticed a HUGE increase in the views that post has received, so I thought I would revisit it; mainly because I had to create a new template for the new school year since I had so many schedule changes. My new template was created in Excel- and it is so much easier to manipulate than the one I originally made in Word. I can also not take the credit for creating the template, because I am Excel inept! Thankfully my hubby is an Excel wiz and was able to help (well create) my new template. 

       Take a look:

        I highly recommend using Excel to create your own template if you just can’t find one that you like- or if you want a more personalized template. If you like my template, I've added it to my TpT store. It can easily be edited in the Excel document. 

Lesson Plan Template

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  1. I would love to have a blank copy of this template as well. Thanks for allowing us to get these, their awesome!! Please send it to Thanks again!!