Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School

And then the bell rang…

        Let me just say that TODAY WAS WONDERFUL!!! My kids were GREAT, I LOVED having a second set of hands this morning to help students and parents with supplies and getting settled, and EVERYTHING went fairly smooth. I feel like it gets a little easier each year; and I don’t know if it’s because each year I have more experiences to draw on, or if the kids are better… but I’ll take it. I was still very nervous this morning, right up until the bell rang. But then things got crazy with kids, parents, and supplies and my nervousness disappeared.

        An activity that I’ve had each of my firsties do each year on the first day is to make a mini-me. (I meant to take pictures, but totally forgot- so tomorrow.) Basically, the students trace a little person onto construction paper in a color they feel matches their skin. Then they add faces, clothes, and color. They turned out so cute!

        It’s a short post, but I’m tired and I have a few things to do for tomorrow. I’ll post more tomorrow with some pictures!

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