Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lesson Plan Template

Weekly Lesson Plan Template
        The number of page views for my original post about my weekly lesson plan template has grown considerably the past few days. In light of this I decided to post the “shell” of my template. If you like the font that I used for the days of the week I downloaded it from I hope you find the template useful and easy to manipulate to fit your needs.  

        As for me, I’ve been busy running in and out of Home Depot to make a few things for my classroom:

1.   Phonics Phones
2.   Bucket Seats

I’ve also been hitting up a few garage sales looking for:

1.   Plastic Eggs
2.   Books
3.   Games
4.   Anything useful
        My next post, or two, will be about making my bucket seats, phonics phones, and center activities with my plastic eggs! {With LOTS of pictures!}

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