Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School

Cruising into the school year!

        This week was back to school for the teachers and staff at my school. I was very busy trying to get the room ready, get some planning done, and make the new first grade teachers feel as ready as possible for Monday. I have to say that I would not feel as prepared as I do if it weren’t for my AWESOME student teacher Rachel! I am already so glad that I decided to take an intern for the upcoming school year.

        My room came together quickly with an extra set of hands, and my determination to rise as the “first grade team leader.” I should explain that since my former teaching partner retired after last school year I am now working with a brand new teacher, as well as a teacher whom has previously taught 6th grade. I LOVE the first grade team and am excited to hear new ideas, and share my passion for the first grade with some ‘fresh meat.’ These statements also apply to my intern!

        As I was saying, our hard work has paid off and I am ready to share some pictures of my classroom:

View from my desk area

Carpet Area

Reading Table

WELCOME! And the centers display

Reading Corner- I LOVE IT!!!

Writing Center

        We had an Open House yesterday, so we were able to meet some of our firsties! We had 11 of our firsties and their families stop by, and I am SUPER EXCITED for the upcoming year! THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!!

        As for other things that I’m looking forward to this year, I am excited to implement some new ideas that I found on Pinterest this year, as well as incorporating Writer’s Workshop back into my routine.  

Monday is the first day of school, so I’m off to relax and get plenty of sleep!

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