Monday, August 27, 2012

All About Me & FREEBIES

Not bad for a Monday… FREEBIES

        I had another GREAT day with my firsties! We started our All about Me theme this week and some of the books featured are:

        Today we read I Like Myself! Then we made a chart titled ‘I like myself because…’ and students shared why they like themselves. (I meant to take a picture of our chart, but I forgot!)

        ‘Grown-up school’ started tonight, or grad class. I’m taking two classes this semester, which will be the first time I have two classes and ‘little people school’ for the whole semester. I am slightly worried, but I know it will be over in no time!

        I’m off to get a little grading done, and then to bed. First, I want to leave you with some FREEBIES!! I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted any, so here are the sight word packets that I put together this weekend for my first grade team. ENJOY!!

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