Friday, August 10, 2012

Sight Word Pack FREEBIE

Last Friday of Summer… and Sight Word Pack FREEBIE

        I had full intentions of posting earlier this week, however I found myself trying to finish a few projects at home, as well as going into school to get a head start on setting up my classroom. I went to school twice this week, and actually accomplished quite a bit! I was reminded how quickly setting up is when you don’t change classrooms. There is still a lot to do, but I know that everything will be ready sometime on Tuesday.

        As promised in my last post, I finished putting together my bucket seats and snapped a few pictures:

        Last night I wrote out the name plates for the students’ desks, and the equity sticks. I also started to cut out the owls (in pieces) that I’m going to use for our welcome back board:

I got the template I'm using from for FREE!

        Today I’m planning to finish the two floor cushions I’m making for my reading center, cut out some more owls, and finish my book aprons (I’m going to put table numbers on them):

Soon to be floor cushions :)

Soon to be book aprons- saw this idea on Pinterest!

       I also finished my sight word pack, which I’ll be using in my room this year. The pack starts out in a logical, alphabetical order, but then I just added words as I thought of them. I hope you find it useful! 


  1. I love the bucket seats, good for storage, too.

  2. Thanks! I plan to store my extra books in them and swap them out over the year.