Friday, August 24, 2012

First Week of School

What a Wonderful Week!

       I had a LOVELY first week of first grade! Everything went as smooth as can be, which makes me VERY HAPPY!! My kids are really trying to do their best and it definitely shows. We were able to accomplish so much this week. :D

          When I posted on Monday I talked about the “mini-mes” that the kids made. On Tuesday they wrote about the first day of school and then glued the mini-mes to their writing. They turned out GREAT:

          On Tuesday I had a special package in the mail when I came home! My sister sent me an adorable pop-up book titled Arlo Needs Glasses. The book is so cute! I was so excited to take it to school the next day and share it with my kids. Here’s a picture of the book:

          Today I read The Teacher from the Black Lagoon. The students loved seeing what Mrs. Green did to each student. Then, students shared what they would do if they came to school and their teacher was a monster. Finally, they wrote about what they would do and illustrated pictures to go with their writing. I LOVED reading their responses:

If my teacher was a monster I would get a toilet plunger and plunge her down the toilet and flush it.

          We also wrote about something fun we did over summer break AND practiced writing our Cc’s and Dd’s. I don’t think I had ANY complaints either! They are an AWESOME group of kids!

          Before I left today I snapped a few pictures of the book aprons that I put together for my class this year, and of the 'transportation station' I made. Take a look:

The numbers correlate to the ‘teams’ that students sit at.

I had originally just clipped the clothespins to the word card, but I have so many walkers that I ended up putting magnets on the back of them. Now it’s super easy to move the kids to the correct label.

I'm off to get a little relaxation in before bed! 

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