Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cricut in the Classroom

Cricutting the Classroom

It seems like more and more teachers are cricutting their classrooms. I happen to be one of these teachers. However, I had a Cricut long before I was teaching! I have since upgraded to the Cricut Expression (which I LOVE). I spent the majority of last summer making classroom d├ęcor with my Cricut. I managed to find a few pictures of my work:

This is the birthday board display I made- I cut EVERYTHING out with my Cricut! I glued together the pieces for each month and then laminated them. Then I cut out glued together, and laminated the candles. I write the name of each student on a candle (blue for boys, and pink for girls) and then I write the date they were born on the flame.

These are center icons I made. I made two sets, one goes on the board with students' names, and the other set helps students find the center in the classroom. 

I don't have any pictures of the word wall signs, job board, or star student board- but I'll try to remember to take pictures once my room is set up in August. 

Speaking of classroom set-up, I'm headed to school here in about 30 to meet up with one of my new teaching partners! I'm looking forward to the coming school year- there have been many changes, but I know it will be a GREAT year! I also got an email from MY INTERN for the coming year- I am so excited! And, we're also getting a NEW first grade teacher- I get to meet her today too!

Anyway- back to the topic- do you use a Cricut in your classroom? Leave a comment below to share what you have made. 

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