Monday, June 18, 2012


The First Week has Come & Gone
       I can’t believe that the first week of summer has already come and gone! I have been VERY busy with a lot of homework/school work. This is why I have been absent again- so I do apologize, and hope that I can start to make more of an appearance this week. I have tried to be proactive with my homework, so hopefully this pays off!
       Anyway- I threw together a little back to school activity {FREEBIE}... I also differentiated it, so hopefully it’s useful! 

           1. This is probably the one I'll give my new firsties in August.

2. This one offers 3 lines and less space between them, perhaps for 2nd grade.

3. This one has only one set of directions, and more lines, with a smaller picture space.

Click on the numbered links for your FREEBIEs


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