Monday, June 4, 2012

End of the Year FREEBIE

Counting Down the Days & an EoY FREEBIE

       The end is almost here! I now have only 4 days left with my lovely firsties. Even though I am sad to see another year end, I am happy to have so many great things to look forward to next year. I’m hoping to have my first student teacher, I am gaining a new teaching partner that I am VERY excited to work with, and I’m excited to implement a new writing program in my classroom. But, since it’s still this year I’ll stay focused on today’s events.
       Let’s see… we had our first grade picnic today, we wrote notes to the incoming firsties, and we made thank you cards for Career Day. I was hoping to start our Dad's Day gifts, but we just didn't have time, so maybe tomorrow! 

Here is a picture of the paper I had my kiddos use for the note to incoming firsties:

I forgot to take pictures of my kiddos work, so maybe I'll remember tomorrow! I found this activity on a blog I just started following called A-B Seymour here's the link so you can check it out: A-B Seymour

And here is the father’s day book we’re making for our wonderful dads:
Front Cover
Inside Cover

There are five pages (1 for each top 5 reason)

End of book!

I found it on Busy Bees, another teaching blog that I recently started following. Here's the direct link to download the book: Superdad Book

       Finally, I’ll end today’s post with a FREEBIE; this is an activity I’ll be doing with my kids sometime this week. After each kid completes this paper I’m going to make a class book, a little keepsake for myself! Here’s the FREEBIE:

       Have a GREAT Tuesday! I have class tomorrow night, so I won’t be posting…. L

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