Saturday, October 13, 2012

Seasons, Fall Fun, & 2 FREEBIEs

Seasons, Fall FUn, & 2 FREEBIEs

        This week we started out by discussing the four seasons, and identifying that it is currently fall. On Monday we brainstormed traits of each season and then read a story in our anthologies about the four seasons. Students then illustrated pictures of something they might do in each season. I put together an activity page for this, but then decided to just have them use a four square for their drawings. Click here to get a copy of the sheet I made about the four seasons. Check out our work:

Four Seasons Anchor Chart

My 4 Square Pictures of the 4 Seasons (from my 1st year)

          On Tuesday we read Fall (Four Seasons Series) by Nuria Roca. Prior to reading we discussed how we know it is fall, then after reading we were able to identify many more reasons and add them to our fall anchor chart:

              Then they illustrated three pictures to show three different ways we know it is fall. Click here for another FREEBIE!

        On Wednesday we answered the question: ‘How do you know it is fall?’ in writing (a rough draft). Then, we made our fall trees. I have done this art project each year with my firsties and I still LOVE it! I have a tree outline that I give each student; we label it a ‘Fall’ Tree, color the tree and ground, and then we glue on orange, yellow, brown, and red tissue paper squares for fall leaves.

        On Thursday we wrote our final drafts (in our BEST first grade handwriting of course!). Then Rachel and I mounted their writing onto red or orange construction paper and hung our new hallway display:

        In math this week we identified strategies to use when adding three numbers. We used stickers to help us:

      We did three equations together and then they did three independently. 

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