Monday, October 29, 2012

Crafting & Frankenstorm


          I was planning to have a GREAT post on the pumpkin seed activities we did this week. Unfortunately, I left school on Friday without scanning in the FREEBIE, and without taking pictures of what we did in our science journals. I had planned to go into school today, we had a grading day today that was an optional work from home day, but with Hurricane Sandy all schools were closed.

          Since I don’t have any school news to share I thought I would share what I worked on today… even though it’s not school related! I bought four square mirrors from Ikea in August and I FINALLY finished painting them today:

          Sorry for the crappy lighting. They are painted beige and persimmon to match our bedding. I can’t wait to hang them up tomorrow (since school is closed because of Sandy). 

        Next I plan to make a stencil in Word using a picture I took of a lamp shade we have in the family room:

          Then I am going to stencil the design onto two 8x16 canvases, paint them yellow, and then I’m going to hang them in our dining room on either side of our large mirror.

          I also started our Christmas cards today:

To all my readers on the East Coast- STAY SAFE!!!

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