Friday, April 12, 2013

Synonym Flowers & Life Cycle of a Butterfly 

        My kids have been learning about synonyms and insects all week. Rachel (my intern) introduced synonyms with an anchor chart and discussion and then used differentiated activities to give the kids some practice. Yesterday they started the morning with a quick synonym match activity. I made synonym match cards (that I printed on cardstock and laminated), and then Rachel passed them out. The kids then had to read the word on their card and find the match. Then they shared their synonym pairs.
      Today they made synonym flowers. This is something I did last year, after being inspired by this idea by Mary Beth at Run Teacher Run. I made flower templates that I copied onto construction paper. Then, I wrote various synonym pairs on the flowers, like so:

      The kids then had to find their partner and brainstorm more words with similar meanings to record on the petals. They did an awesome job!

       They also read The Very Hungry Caterpillar today. Rachel introduced the life cycle of a butterfly yesterday, and reinforced it today with the read aloud and a paper plate life cycle activity today.

        I also have an EXCITING announcement… I have officially opened a store on TpT. Here you’ll find ALL of my freebies (eventually) as well a new items that are for sale (though there is only one right now)!