Monday, December 24, 2012

Wintery Work & FREEBIE

Winter Celebration Festivities

        Well- like you I am so ESTACTIC break is FINALLY here! Those last few minutes on Friday seemed to drag by! Friday was great though- we had our Winter Wonderland Celebration. We did wintery things all day, and the kids LOVED it.
        In the morning we made glittery snowflakes from coffee filters. I showed them different ways to cut shapes into the filters and then let them go. Then they used glue and glitter to make them fancy J. I forgot to snap pictures because I was running around helping students with glue bottles, glitter, and cutting snowflakes. I did take pictures of the two I made during my demonstration:

        This took a good chunk of time in the morning, so we were only able to start our next activity… puffy paint snowmen! I made puffy paint with white glue and shaving cream. I used to make this stuff when I worked at my MIL’s daycare, and had forgotten about it until I saw it on Pinterest. We cut out the arms, hat, eyes, and mouth before heading to PE, lunch, and recess. Then we were ready to paint our snowmen when we came back in from recess. The kids thought it was so neat that the paint was made of shaving cream and glue.  

I have been waiting to put up a cute winter board and thought this would be a GREAT display for January.

       Next we did a little graphing activity. I found a recipe for a ‘mixed-up snowman’ snack on Pinterest, gave each student a snack bag, and a recording sheet. We talked about what each part of the snack would be on a snowman (marshmallows =body, twizzler = scarf, etc), then we quickly reviewed how to complete a graph, and the no eating {yet} rule. Once students had completed their graphs I let them eat 5 things from their bags.

     Then we decorated snowflake sugar cookies that my Mister made! They had blue frosting, sprinkles, sugar flakes, M & Ms, and mini-marshmallows to use… again I meant to snap some pictures, but was running around trying to help. I did get one picture, simply because it was too funny not to! 

 All in all, it was a FUN day- here’s the proof:

Our carpet NEVER looks this messy at the end of the day!

Wishing you all a restful break!

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