Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bears, Bears, Bears

Bears, Bears, Bears and FREEBIES

        We have been very busy in first grade this week. We started learning about bears, using both fiction and non-fiction books. The week began with Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson (you’re probably familiar with her books, if not you should be), we did a close read with it, and I think had read it about 6 times once we were finished! I purchased a unit on TpT to use with Bear Snores On by Rhonda Baldacchino. It has some great little activities in it, I ended up only using the story map, character match pages, and the sentence scramble/mend it pages, but I look forward to doing more with it next year. It did inspire me to make a few more items for the rest of my bear unit though! 

        Okay, back to what we did. The next book we read was Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming, I love the nonfiction quality of this fictional story. We made a circle story map to sequence story events with pictures and writing. We also looked back in the text to record signs of winter that the animals noticed throughout the story. Then I had them pick one of the signs of winter and complete the following writing assignment. My expectation was that they would write the sign of winter as stated in the story, then they had to write what they know about that particular sign of winter. So, for exampl if they chose to write about how Ladybug heard geese honking good-bye over head, they would write how some birds fly south for the winter to stay warm and eat. 

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           On Friday they each completed an information writing page that I found on Pinterest. I went to find the link to the paper, but her site is under construction (click here to check it out). I should also mention that we really just focused on brown bears this week, so that's what they wrote about on the information page. Here's how my kids did: 

       This week we will be reading a few more of the Karma Wilson books, and we’ll also begin learning about Polar Bears and Black Bears. In light of this, I’ve created some Bear activities:

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If you like what you see please let me know- I appreciate it!

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  1. hi- love the informational graphic organizer but can't find it on the link bc the post no longer exists. could you send it to me? i would appreciate it. thanks.

    1. Hi- I did not make the informational organizer. It was either a free download on TpT or I came across it on pinterest!

  2. I would also love the informational graphic organizer if possible. Thanks so much.

  3. Hey ladies - the graphic organizer is on my site here: :) Love the way the students used the organizer above... precious!