Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Matter!

Matter, Matter, Everywhere!

        We have been learning about matter in science. Last week, students were introduced to the idea of matter and its three forms. We did A LOT of work in our science journals! After reading a little about matter, and having a class discussion about it, students illustrated four pictures of things made of matter. Some of the students got VERY creative with their pictures!

        Then, we identified the three forms of matter. Students identified examples of each for our anchor chart. We talked about how solids do not change shape when moved from place to place, or container to container. I modeled this buy dumping crayons into a clear plastic cup and then into a yogurt tub. Then I modeled the same thing with water and asked the students what they noticed. Boy, were they mesmerized! We also talked about different kinds of gases and ways we know they are there, even though we don’t see them. After identifying many solids, liquids, and gases, along with their characteristics we did a little writing in our journals.

        Next week we will be doing an experiment each day (at least that’s the plan). I’m hoping to make oobleck, do the mentos and diet coke experiment, try mixing different solids with different liquids, do the dancing raisins experiment, and I haven’t decided on the final experiment yet! The kids are super excited (and I am too!).

        What do you do with matter? I’d LOVE to hear!

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