Thursday, June 5, 2014

How-to Make a Root Beer Float

How-to Make Root Beer Floats

          I’m B-A-C-K!!! Well, sort of. I sincerely apologize for my extreme absence at Life in First! I wish I had some profound reason for my absence, but let’s just say we bought a house, I finished my Masters at Johns Hopkins, and obviously needed to still be a FANTASTIC teacher, thus my extended absence. I’ll fill in the gaps later… but tonight’s return post was inspired by the FUN how-to activity that took place in my classroom today: How-to Make Root Beer Floats!!

          We’ve been working on how-to writing since the beginning of May. My firstie friends wrote multiple how-to pieces of their choosing, selected one to publish, and then made their own how-to books. To celebrate their hard work and beautiful writing, we decided to make root beer floats. In the past, I’ve made PB&J sandwiches and s’mores, but with PB allergies and making s’mores for several years in a row, I offered a new choice to my kiddos. And let me just say…. IT WAS AWESOME!!

          I put together this recording sheet for my firsties to work on while enjoying their floats. 

Here’s one of my firsties enjoying her float J

Hard at work 


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