Monday, June 9, 2014

Father's Day Art

Father’s Day Art

          Since our school year was extended, due to our 8 snow days, we will be in school right up until Father’s Day. This year I decided to have the kids paint a portrait of their dads. I always feel like I go all out for Mother’s Day; we plant flower seeds, make cards, and write about our moms. Somehow, I guess mainly because of the timing of the end of the school year, Father’s Day doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I started looking for ideas on TpT, but wasn’t sold on anything in particular, so I headed to Pinterest. After looking through 100s of pins (or at least it seemed like it) I came up empty handed. I then perused more art related pins, and decided on watercolor portraits.

          Fancy watercolor paper was donated by a student’s family (who’s very dear to my heart), which proved to be well worth it. And we had the brushes and watercolor disks at school. I had the kids draw their dads with pencil first, and then use oil pastels to go over their pencil lines. Then the kids were able to use the watercolors to paint.

Here are some shots of the kids working:

I was so impressed with their artwork- each student did a wonderful job and I know these will be a HUGE hit!

What did your students do for Father’s Day this year??


  1. Such an adorable project! You are so creative!!

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  3. Sorry...I was trying to write while holding my little one. I meant to add...You are an amazing teacher and I'm excited to follow along to see all of your great ideas!!!