Monday, February 18, 2013

100th Day of School

100th Day of School & FREEBIEs
          We had our 100th Day of School on Friday February 1. It seems crazy to me that we’ve been in school for over 100 days now! I had full intentions of posting about our activities sooner, so that others could use them this year, but I’ve been SUPER busy. I guess there’s always next year! Here’s what we did:

Colored a hundreds chart to reveal the number 100

Made a 100th Day counting book

I saw this idea on another blog- I can't remember at the moment, but thought it was cute and a good way to reinforce counting by tens. 

Shared our 100th Day posters (I completely forgot to take pictures of these. I had some AMAZING posters though.)
Celebrated with 100 (yes 100) Cupcakes
Each 1st grade teacher (and my intern) made 25 cupcakes, and numbered them accordingly, for this activity. We gathered our 3 classes in the cafeteria and passed out a special recording sheet. Students each picked a number from a bag, and read their number to the group.  Students then got the matching cupcake to complete the top portion of the recording sheet I made. The students crossed out each number on the hundreds chart as it was called.

The kids got so excited each time a bigger number was called- I think they were the loudest when 1 and 100 were called. It was pretty cute!
In honor of the 100th Day of School my intern and I each made a 100th Day shirt:
I put 100 google eyes on my shirt. Rachel put 100 pompoms on her shirt, but I forgot to get a picture!

Here is something I made, but didn't use: 100th Day Counting Mat
How did you celebrate the 100th Day? 

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