Sunday, November 4, 2012

Leaf Man

Leaf Man Art Activity & FREEBIE

          One of my favorite fall books is Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. I read it to my kids this past week, and they seemed to enjoy it as much as me! On Thursday I read the story and then we discussed where Leaf Man had traveled and where he might go next. Then I had them extend the story using this page:

          On Friday we did a Leaf Man art activity. I had the students collect leaves of different size and color for homework. Then, when we reread the story, I had them pay extra close attention to the artwork in the book. We talked about other animals that Leaf Man might meet on his travels, and then I showed them these leaf pictures I found on Pinterest: 

          Several students brought in extra leaves so I put them on the reading table in case someone needed a certain kind of leaf that he did not have.

          I was really impressed with their artwork! Check it out:

A swordfish

A turtle

A fox

A turtle

A fox

Here is my lion 

What activities do you do with Leaf Man? I’d love to hear!

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