Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Science Journaling

Journaling with My Firsties: Science

        This year my kids have a journal for practically every subject. While it’s a lot for them to keep in their desks, I think it is better than having one journal that holds everything haphazardly. Our science journals have already been put to good use this year!
        We have been learning about living and nonliving things, habitats, and things that help plants and animals live in their habitats. My students have been busy illustrating pictures of various habitats and vocabulary words in their journals. I thought I had pictures of the habitats they drew, but apparently I don’t, so I’ll skip right to what we have done so far this week:

Yesterday we illustrated our six vocabulary words

Today we illustrated pictures of mountain goats and hermit crabs- we read about their special features: thick fur and shells.

I am looking forward to using our journals to record observations of some of our hands-on activities and experiments!

How do you use science journals in your classroom?

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